This is my hoard of hoards, where I keep lists of nice things

veg leaderboard

veggies i love, adore and admire

  • garlic - why i'll never have a vampire bestie
  • ginger - whoever invented this deserves an award
  • parsnip - the best scent in the entire world. parship mash > potato mash
  • leek - utter perfcetion. can i marry a vegetable
  • beet - you lot make my kitchen look like a bucther's. do it again
  • turnip - good for snacking too... crunch munch oh nom


  • Commie Red - randomly became obsessed with it in mid 2019
  • This yellow - in 2020 had a friend who pointed out that he hates this colour and suddenly it was my favourite
  • Neon magenta - idk it's just nice
  • Bright violet - idk it's just nice
  • Periwinkle - in august of 2023 i had a candy that was wrapped in a periwinkle wrapper and realised i vibed with the colour a lot

Little things that make me happy

  • Impact font
  • web addresses that don't end in .com/.net
  • wonky heart shapes...
  • star shapes too
  • camo print
  • clubs suit in card decks
  • that one time my friend described an ot3 as an open sandwich instead of a two-bread+something thing
  • finding cognates!!!!
  • wide pants
  • windy days!

Songs that remind me of people

either they showed it to me or i showed it to them, forever linked either way

  • alejandro - lady gaga
  • anatidaephobia - cavs
  • audi bmw - dj nevykele
  • blood - in this moment
  • borsht revisited - daniel kahn & the painted bird
  • every avenged sevenfold song in existence
  • guerilla radio - rage against the machine
  • hoist that rag - tom waits
  • hungover in the city of dust - autoheart
  • i couldn't believe what happened last night - rare earth
  • judges - colin stetson
  • no rest for the wicked - cage the elephant
  • planetary (go!) - my chemical romance
  • she's not gone yet but she's leaving - the fratellis
  • witches - blackbird raum
  • žvaigždė puodynėj - vytautas v. landsbergis

Music Videos

  • Blow To The Head - Lightning Bolt - the animation blows my mind every time i look at it. andrew wood's captured exactly how music looks in my head while also keeping it in chippendale's style... also holy shit those splashes???


alphabetically, even

  • bracket [en]
  • buoyant [en]
  • concubine [en]
  • cunt [en]
  • foss [is]
  • inkilas [lt]
  • klintis [lt]
  • listicle [en]
  • melagiena [lt]
  • pragiedruliai [lt]
  • scrawny [en]
  • žeberklas [lt]

Cool Animals!

  • Wagtails - my favourite birdos!
  • Field mice
  • Portugese Men o'war
  • Every fish - man i love fishes
  • Orcas
  • Rabbits
  • Meerkats

Video Games

  • Fallout: New Vegas - my favouritest thing in the world since '22JUL07
  • Rymdkapsel - relaxing...
  • Transistor - my gateway drug to Supergiant games
  • Minecraft - ofc
  • Geometry Dash - you don't get it i was obsessed!!!
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer - now that i look at it, i like casual click clack games a lot huh
  • Jelly Defense - my beloved


[struggling not put a wiki's worth of text here]

  • Arcade Gannon - he. just. speaks to me. there will be a shrine for him just you wait.
  • Jason Bright - the most radiant star inthe galaxy.
  • Lacey - she has like three lines of dialogue but she's my hero and i want more of her. should have been given a better caravan deck.
  • Manny Vargas - i wanna put him in my pocket. he deserved better. he's my bi king you can't convince me oterwise.
  • Betsy - her quest is so touching and real. i will double kill cook cook for you.
  • Trash - holy fuck this kid is hardcore goth.
  • Caesar - he fascinates me to no end. the hipocrisy. the audacity. how do you intentionally write a hypocrite. i need that skill.
  • Ulysses - i could write a whole esssay on this man but holy fuck does he operate on a bonkers level. please touch grass. i love this character.

Special Blorbos

all ocs i've ever been fixated on for an extended period of time

  • Dawid - 2016-2018, 2019-present
  • Daniel - 2016-2017, 2020-present
  • Teodor - 2017-2020
  • Loi - 2021
  • Chess - 2021
  • 95 - 2021-2022
  • Krišs - 2021-present
  • Arkady - 2022-present
  • Virgo - 2022
  • Jasster - 2023
  • Tor - 2023-present