life update! 24'jun13

i haven't updated the site in a while, boy oh boy. here's what's been happening:

1) went to the USofA to visit my best friend and meet my metamours. went to their regular kink social, also an unofficial gathering of the same kinksters at a gay bar, also dipped my flippers into being a dom's helper. so many petplayers met! we did a couple day long road trip through Nevada, visiting several FNV locations and kissing at Goodsprings. saw the americana x soviet realism Stakhanovite porn madness that is Boulder City. fell in love with joshua trees. finally had Mexican food that isn't lithuanianified texmex, learned to make great black bean enchiladas. listened through the entire discography of Rob Zombie because it calmed a toddler down. those were the best two weeks of my life, ive never felt so at home as i did with them. i miss them.

2) started doing commissions regularly, and also legally, so i'll be paying taxes now like #proper citizen. i guess i can call myself a small business owner or whatever. drawing doesn't make me feel like absolute shit now---i'm not having regular breakdowns about feeling vapid when it's not my job to come up with meaning! i'm really more of an artisan than an artist... painting is still hard because it requires lots of thinking, but sketches are actually fun. oh, and picked up drawing furries again, last i drew them was a decade ago when i was making anthros based on mathematical expressions.

3) made some new friends! i started being a bit braver socially after the US trip. i'm taking more initiative with people, like starting conversations and organising meetups and introducing myself to those i don't know, feeling proud of myself! it's still very hard and nerve wracking but i'm more confident and that's great.

4) had several depressive episodes, including right now :(

5) finally learned how to mod fnv and i've been having a blast with it! currently replaying my awful legion incel Virgo with a fuck ton of legion expanding mods. put him in devils' pigtails. it's funny to ME

6) did leading chants at this year's pride's queers for palestine block! without a megaphone since the group got kind of separated from the actual block leads. it hurt to speak the next day. this year's pride org was questionable at best, but it's nice to see more and more people ive gotta say hi to every year. people really liked my outfit too!

7) got new noice cancelling headphones! i can actually eq these ones! bye bye heavy bass, i don't want you if it's not a full body experience. they don't really work in an environment with low vibrations though, so buses are tricky. but other than that i love them.

Daniel REdesIGn 24'feb07
#ocs #drawing

every couple of months a thought starts eating at me. "i feel like my ocs are too 'pretty'". some day i'll do a proper write-up about it, what it means and where it comes from. today's post is an example of a time where i did something about it.

yesterday/today (it was 1AM) i got the inspiration to update Daniel's design. "update" is a strong word tbh.

i mostly wanted to 1) start moving er setting (a.k.a. the warlockverse) slightly away from "realism", 2) add some flair to er clothes. ee's married to a very artsy fartsy embroidery-obsessed tailor after all.

the result was a Danny with yellower skin, more cartoonish lashes and lacy flowery fabric. er facial features were shifted around as well. also, i feel like er last "ref" didn't properly communicate that ee's not just hunching for the pic, ee's got kyphosis. i think the new one does it better.