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  • išgir̃stì - lithuanian queer space, initiative and ARCHIVE! has articles in both eng and lt.
  • trans autonomija - lithuanian trans rights advocacy ngo.

ToOls & ResourceS




  • grapheion linear - a tool for creating and evolving fictional symbol or writing systems.
  • Catbox - external file storage! I use it for jukebox tracks.


  • brokenteeth radio - experimental tracks from (mostly) lithuania, live
  • mp3 - listen to an archive of lithuanian punk and alternative tracks!
  • musicmap - an in-depth map of musical genres with descriptions and examples/band recs for each! visual mindmaps go brrrrr

BLoGs & news

  • techdirt - reports, critiques and blog posts about tech policy and company actions.
  • apleista zona - an urbex blog about abandoned and spooky structures in the baltics!
  • - straipsniai, interviu, samprotavimai ir t.t. apie visokiausius menus.


  • - forum and repository of hundreds of demoscene projects. even if demos aren't your thing, check out pouët's super cool community-made headers that change every time you reload!!!
  • - one of the oldest lithuanian digital art forums that's still not dead :0
  • Conlanging Bullettin Board - discuss constucted and natural languages with fellow langnerds.