The classics

A lot of drawings pile up over the years, and you can only show so many with limited space, attention span and willingness to code it all.

The classics wing features the curator's favourite historical (2013-2023) pieces with some commentary on each.

Unfortunately, everything digital from late 2013-2014 has been lost in a move between laptops. RIP, super mega 20% cooler pony paintings and math-based furries.

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Sensitive content is spoilered; Hover over to reveal it!

A child's smudgy rendition of Fluttershy as an alicorn


2013(?) | GIMP, laptop trackpad

The first thing I drew digitally that wasn't a middle school IT class MS Paint task. It's Fluttershy. As a princess.

A photo manipulation of a a black alicorn on a cliff with a huge crystal behind it


15'MAR25 | GIMP, wacom intuos pen&touch

In 2015 Tsitra360, who was my biggest inspiration at the time, released a timelapse of photoshopping/photobashing Fluttershy and I was so awestuck I had to do it myself. So I took my coolest(tm) pony oc, Redstripe, and made them JUST LIKE REAL LIFE.

A pony portrait drawn with sidewalk chalk

Chalk Pone

15'MAY06 | chalk on backyard tiles

I'm a master of many mediums, you see.

A pixel drawing of the Cat Bus as Nyan Cat


15'MAY12 | GIMP, wacom intuos pen&touch

My Neighbour Totoro was the first Ghibli movie I've ever saw, and references to it keep popping up over the course of my life. Here's one of them, nyan cat bus pixel art. Wahoo!

A black and white pony sporting a black mohawk and gold chains


15'DEC22 | GIMP, wacom intuos pen&touch

There's this pony oc that I have - Cata/clysm. I've had em for years! In 2015 I was neck deep in my k-pop phase and Cata obsession, and in the span of two days pumped out like a dozen alt designs for em based vaguely off of k-pop vibes (mostly BIGBANG's Fantastic Baby MV, let's be real)

A screaming chimpanzee wearing a buttoned shirt with 2016 mustache print

from sketchbook

2016(?) | mixed media (ink, acrylics, scrapbook, digital)

I was super tryharding in my calarts sketchbook flipthrough era. Sometimes it produced gold though.

An anthropomorphic dragonfly wearing camo print


16'JAN17 | GIMP, wacom intuos pen&touch

In 2014 I drew a lot of furries/anthros. In 2016 I did a series of redesigns for the insect ones.

Lineless drawing of the Cat Bus checking out a freshly painted claw

Manicure Day

16'FEB05 | GIMP, wacom intuos pen&touch

A part of a series in which Mei introduces Totoro and Cat Bus to nail polish.

Pixel drawing of two ponies

Base edit

16'MAR09 | GIMP, wacom intuos pen&touch

In 2016 I figured out how to make base edits look cool(tm). On the left was my oc, Gum(?), on the right was someone else's from Google+.

Group of four anthropomorphic characters (a rat, a sea monster, a spaniel and a pig) holding silver machine guns

2ne1 x OCs

16'APR10 | GIMP, wacom intuos pen&touch

Past furry ocs but make it I Am The Best, the certified timeless banger. (Top-bottom, left-right) Moushelle the rat, Klepsidra the ???, bANANAAA the banana dog and the Square Root Piggy.

Magenta haired demon-angel character looking back at the viewer


16'JUN09 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

2016 is the year Dawid was made, and it was also the era when ee was called David, was an incubus and had-then-lost wings. All stories I've ever pictured em in were after the wing loss, but somehow this is the best picture of that era. Make it make sense.

A pale-skinned guy with a purple deathhawk and black clothing, mockincgly licking the thumb of one hand and giving the finger with another


16'JUN19 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

2016 is the year Daniel was made, and it was also the era when ee had a fucky alter ego thing called Viper, who was a gang leader(???). As much as a 14-something year old understands what that means. This is one of my favourite character drawings I've ever done, full stop.

A short and stout giraffe, coloured pink


17'JUL | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

This was part of a meme drawing where a giraffe and a dachshund changed body types. I don't have the full thing saved for some reason?

a fantay alleyway


17'JUL26 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

Not me trying to do concepts AND backgrounds at the same time. I could never again.

Portrait of a person wearing glasses made of a plate and a pot of cold beet soup

Rose-Tinted Glasses

17'AUG13 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

I love šaltibarščiai can't you tell

a human and a demon in an embrace. Demon's blindfolded and with an open chest would, the human's holding a heart in one hand

my heart


17'OCT31 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

2017-2018 was possibly the worst era of Dawid/Daniel, and this image conveys that. It's one of my favourites though.

A pale purple-haired character sitting on the floor and cutting their hair with a knife


18'FEB05 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

There's a really important moment in Daniel's,,, arcs,,, that's stayed consistant over the years, and that's the hair cutting scene(tm). Due to some natural disaster, 2018 Dan (the worst Daniel) is the only rendition to have a visual of it. It slaps tho I love it

A character with very cartoonish proportions sitting down

Bad art

18'APR04 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

2018 was definitely a Teodor (at the time, Dakota) year. This drawing in particular got added to a "Bad Art" collection on Google+. It was so invigorating at the time, and still is now. If you discount the admission that I was a g+ user, that'd be a badge of honour

A mermaid with tentacles for breasts


18'JUN11 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

2018 "vent" series (2% actual vents, 98% fucking around). This one was the rare genuine vent about dysphoria.

A blue naked and bald person with a horn protruding from the back of their neck


18'JUL02 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

2018 "vent" series. There were a lot of blue people included, largely inspired by Peter Polach's zombie girls.

A purple bald person with body tattoos and a third eye contorted inside a small box


18'JUL31 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

2018 "vent" series, people in very tight boxes "diptych". I miss these.

A green person with straight black hair throwing their arms back saying 'yeet'


18'AUG29 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

2018 "vent" series. This was my phone background for years. I've been meaning to make this into an oc since uhhh since I drew it. Whoops.

An anthropomorphic calico cat holding a sickle

Paw N'lien

19'SEP15 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

A player character from a d&d campaign I briefly ran in highschool before having a breakdown and dropping DMing forever :D

A character with a magenta sweater and a metallic gold maxi skirt


19'DEC15 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

in 2019 I was into making silly clothing designs for fun and also working out how to paint things.

An olive skinned character with a neon yellow jacket laying on the floor with their feet up


20'MAY11 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

I was making an 'animation meme' as an excuse to show off a bunch of characters. Fos' still was one of my favourite ones.

A collage with a crown


20'NOV17 | Krita, photobash

I don't even remember what this was. A sketch? I love it though

A blue-skinned bald person sipping out of a cup with a silly straw


21'JAN14 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

Homage to 2018's vent series' blue people ft. some of the most delicious fingers I've ever drawn

A light-skinned character with a red beard and a dark blue skirt with stars embroidered on it


21'FEB11 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

21'FEB was when Chess was first made and also the month where I drew em in different outfits every day

a stylysed rendition of the Three-Handed St. Casimir


21'APR04 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

A doodle that turned into a Three-Handed St. Casimir reference

An orc holding their partner and a closeup of a neck smooch


21'APR20 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

In 2021 I played in a D&D campaign with my orc-elf monk Loi, and immediately a ship with my friend's character Crid began. I was obsessed with them for a while.

An orc and their partner cuddling


21'MAY22 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

Another LoiCrid...

a light-skinned character in a devil hoodie and a dark skeleton character in a bunny hoodie

Chess & Nie

21'JUN18 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

I was playing around with shapes so much in 2021

A pair of grey hands tearing a black unknown thing apart. Text around it spells 'VLKK linčiuoja kalbą'


22'FEB20 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

A vent piece abour the policies and general existence of the Lithuanian National Language Commission.

A nude sketch againt a bright yellow background


22'JUN27 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

"Anatomy Studies" they say, as they pump out another oc doodle

Two characters with mechanical augments showing peace signs. Text above them spells 'Say Zaun!'

say zaun!

22'JUL07 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

ArtFight22 attack on Lycanpunk's LoL Zaunites!

Two characters touching foreheads and noses

my love

implied nsfw

22'NOV23 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

This is my favourite shippy thing I've ever drawn. It's Arkady and Silas...

A winged cybergoth character squatting


23'JUL05 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

ArtFight22 attack on zloi_pirog's character Toxic

Knightly character looking up reverently at a muscle lady


23'JUL12 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

ArtFight22 attack on Glysreia's characters Hinata and Rurik




23'JUL12 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

Managed to meaningfully participate in kinktober'23 after many failed drawing challenges! June & Katya were a vibe

neon red and green portrait


23'DEC30 | Krita, wacom intuos pen&touch

In late 2023 I wormed my way back to making everskies avatars and drawing them. Serve Holiday was the result of this development