new journal entry after a long hiatus! new stuff in the gallery


joined another webring, baby! the gallery's world collection has new stamps


updated site images since discord nuked hosting weh


joined the safonts webring <3


added collections section to the museum! finally a place to stick blinkies on. ALSO big update to the links page! you can now filter them by language


updated index page, journal and first post added + new pic in the gallery + made a site link button


the museum is now open! it has "contemporary" and "classics" wings and background music/noise


the updates log is now an iframe. also new recipe added ^^


this girl got flexbox'ed; the site is more mobile friendly now! also a little design overhaul, espcially in the hoards room and the kitchen


the jukebox can actually play music now wahoo


added a gifypet of my baby 95, a status cafe widget and some stamps!


added a warning and links pages!


lost access to the old site (rip) and remade this! also new layout


added a jukebox using Solaria's tutorial. really happy with it, thank you Simon!!


overhauling the entire site's design and layout :)


site no.1 was created