this is so under construction you guys

shingles/thebes + 21

hello world, welcome to the forever-wip nook i'm carving for myself. i wanted a slow and quiet repository for my interests where i'm free to make horrendous design desicions, and this is precisely that. enjoy <3

interests & hobbies

  • mentally cataloguing what tags appear on what walls.
  • cooking.
  • fallout: few vegas.
  • my OCs <3
  • my local WSDC community
  • collaging / scrapbooking.
  • queerness + polyamory + kink.
  • history of counterculture(s). punk stuff. social history in general.
  • HTML/CSS, especially making codes.
  • linguistics and learning languages (learning MSA and Mandarin atm!).
  • nonograms.